Statement Spaces: Formal Dining Rooms Fit for a King

By Ashley Wells  |   May 10, 2018

There’s something to be said for elegant formal dining rooms that can shift our focus to the details of a meal and inspire thoughtful conversations among family and friends. While the open kitchen and great room floor plan have dominated the real estate scene in recent years, formal dining rooms have served as a sanctuary for the senses for centuries.

Historically, the formal dining room was reserved for nobility. As the ages progressed, the promise of purposeful togetherness over elaborate meals persisted. Today, the formal dining room can be a place void of kitchen clutter, Netflix noise, and the obsessive distraction of our smart phones. It’s what we all need from time-to-time; an escape from modern maladies replaced by a reverence for family, friends, and food.

Despite the casual vibe associated with a Gulf Coast lifestyle, some of the area’s most sought after homes are owning the market on formal dining rooms. Nothing showcases that better than the below collection of stunning spaces representing the finest in Southwest Florida real estate. 


formal dining rooms

H.12960 | $1,449,000 | Understated elegance with accent pieces that go the distance.

formal dining rooms

H.13070 | $5,200,000 | A large space with high ceilings makes this dining room undeniably inviting.

formal dining rooms

H.12261 | $5,450,000 | No one said formal dining in Florida had to stay inside.

formal dining rooms

H.12856 | $5,720,000 | Crisp, stately details that create separation without closing you off.

formal dining rooms

H.12754 | $7,600,000 | A trend-setting bench seat and statement lighting will capture the entire table’s attention.

formal dining rooms

H.8606 | $19,500,000 | High drama accessories and posh fabrics never tasted so good.

Want to get inspired with more formal dining room details fit for a king? See more amazing real estate in Southwest Florida by visiting open houses this weekend for these homes and hundreds more. Call a John R. Wood agent today. We know luxury real estate in Southwest Florida.


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