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Date Archives: September 2019

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Selling a Waterfront Property

Whether it's near a lake, river, canal, ocean, or pond, waterfront property is a picturesque and appealing option for buyers of all ages and lifestyles. In Southwest Florida, waterfront property can also mean beachfront property and that has positioned our market as a unique and targeted area for all types of luxury buyers as well. If you're getting ready to list your waterfront home, our real estate agents want to help you get the most out of your real estate experience. We've gathered together a list of tips to help you sell your home to the perfect buyer dreaming of a waterfront Naples home for sale.

  1. Pricing is key.
    We all want to sell our homes for exactly what we think they're worth and not a penny less. However, what we believe they're worth and what they're appraised for are often different amounts. Although these types of properties often warrant a higher asking price than homes without water access, they still need to be priced reasonably. Everything from the location and size of the waterfront property to the community amenities and water frontage are factored into the price. In Southwest Florida in particular, which is a huge market for master-planned communities, property values can often vary significantly even between two neighborhoods in the same city.

  2. Make sure to focus on the exterior.
    Some will tell you that a waterfront property will sell itself, but curb appeal – even for waterfront properties - should never be underestimated. Neglecting any part of the property, including the shoreline, docks, and frontage can turn buyers off. It's best to play it safe. Spruce it up, remove the trash, and create an inviting space that really helps the buyer imagine the Southwest Florida waterfront lifestyle that could be theirs.

  3. Don't neglect interior features. 
    Waterfront property is a huge draw for some buyers, but you must remember that these individuals will spend the majority of their time in the house itself. You still need to approach the interior like you would selling any other type of home. Make sure you've repaired broken elements, enhanced or upgraded certain rooms, kept the space clean, and have all of your relevant documentation ready for the sale. Your real estate agent should also be able to help you with professional staging techniques that help your home appeal to the widest selection of buyers.

  4. Know safety or legal concerns.
    Local laws will impact any docks or boathouses on your property, so be sure to double-check that all structures and storage units follow relevant codes. Even if it's not legally required, it's important to make your property as safe as possible. Buyers may have pets or small children that they'll want to protect. Having safety fences or other amenities may be significant incentives.

  5. Market to your audience.
    It's unlikely that the average homeowner is looking for a waterfront property, which means it's essential to know your buying audience. You need to assess your property and determine which type of buyers will likely be interested in your home's specific features. The right real estate agent will be versed in and equipped with a marketing strategy that specifically targets the right buyers for your property.

  6. Choose the right agent.  
    Waterfront property in Southwest Florida is in high demand. Our area attracts a certain clientele with very high expectations about the type of property they intend to purchase. It's important to choose a real estate agent who has experience in our unique market and knows how to effectively work with luxury buyers.

Follow these tips and it should be smooth sailing to the sale of your waterfront property. For more tips or an expert consultation on the value of your waterfront property, contact us!

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