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Email Post to a Friend: Outdoor Staging Tips to Use This Summer

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outdoor staging

When most people think of home staging, the first things that might come to mind are interior spaces like the master bedroom, dining room, and living spaces. But are you doing everything you can to ensure that your home's exterior looks just as appealing to buyers as the interior? When you're competing with other Naples homes for sale, you want every edge, including a great first impression when buyers arrive at the curb. Our real estate agents have some outdoor staging tips to help your home stand out for all of the right reasons this summer.

  • Start with a Deep Cleaning
    Just like with the interior of your home, the best place to start with outdoor staging is to create a clean slate. Of course, the tools you'll be using for the job are a little different. A pressure washer, whether you rent one for the day or already own one, is the key piece of equipment that you'll need. Pressure washers are great for cleaning siding, decks, patios, pavers, driveways, fences, and other outdoor surfaces. Other key outdoor cleaning tasks include clearing out gutters, washing windows, and removing natural, seasonal debris.

  • Clear Out Clutter and Depersonalize
    This is another step that will sound familiar to anyone who's done interior staging. You want buyers to be able to imagine what their lives would be like in the home, so it's important to remove any obstacles to that process. If there are a lot of children's toys, athletic equipment, personalized decorations, or any other type of clutter in your yard, now is the time to store those items until you move to your next home.

  • Tend to Your Garden and Lawn
    A healthy, well-maintained lawn goes a long way toward making a positive first impression when buyers arrive. If your lawn could use a boost, hiring a landscaper can make life much easier and will also come in handy for the next entry on our list. Any gardens around the home should also be tended to by removing weeds, trimming shrubs, and ensuring that plants are healthy.

  • Give Your Landscaping a Boost
    In addition to assisting with the lawn, a landscaper can help you bring out the best of your gardens, patios, and other outdoor spaces. If your yard could use a dash of color, adding new flowers, whether potted or planted, can really make a big difference in appearance. Even the little things, like adding fresh mulch to gardens, can make a difference in that all-important first impression.

  • Add Outdoor Lighting in Dark Spaces
    You may have already added outdoor lighting to your yard, in which case you'll only need to make sure that all of your lights are working effectively. If you have some dark areas that would look better with illumination or there are particular parts of your home's exterior that you'd like to highlight, adding some outdoor lighting can help make a positive impression when showing the home during the evening.

  • Showcase Outdoor Living Spaces
    Whether it's a high-tech, fully equipped outdoor kitchen, a furnished gathering place around a fire pit, or just a dining space on your patio, showcasing outdoor living spaces will add major appeal to many buyers. Ideally, experts recommend using neutral colors for large pieces of outdoor furniture, then accenting them with colorful accessories to bring them to life. Of course, you'll also want to make sure that these spaces are clean and organized.

  • Create Shade if Needed
    Just like outdoor lights are important to making your home look appealing at night, shade is an important factor during the day. You want to show buyers that they can enjoy the outdoor space no matter the season. So if your yard doesn't get much natural shade from trees or other sources, you may need to create it yourself. Adding well-positioned umbrellas, canopies, or outdoor curtains can create a shaded, inviting look for your outdoor living spaces.

Whether you're buying or selling in Southwest Florida, our team is here to help you accomplish your real estate goals this summer. Contact us to buy and sell homes throughout the Naples, FL, area.

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