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Email Post to a Friend: Spa-Inspired Details to Add to Your Home

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Spa at Home

Why wait for your next trip to the spa when you can create a spa-like experience in the comfort of your own home? Creating a spa-inspired experience in your own master bathroom is easier than you might think while offering a calming, restorative experience for both body and mind. Our real estate agents are here to provide some inspiration with our guide to spa-inspired details that can turn your home into a relaxing retreat.

  • Remove Clutter and Use Creative Storage Solutions
    The first step to creating a spa-like experience is removing any clutter that can get in the way of your relaxation. Clearing clutter will leave more room for spa-inspired décor and make it easier to re-imagine the space. Once the clutter has been cleared, use creative, attractive storage solutions to keep your bathroom neat and organized so that all you have to think about is relaxation.

  • Bring a Touch of Nature Indoors
    Bringing some natural beauty indoors is a great way to set a relaxing mood, and decorate your bathroom so that it feels just like your favorite spa. There are many plants ideal for a bathroom environment that can enhance your décor, from the appealing simplicity of bamboo or aloe to the stunning beauty of orchids.

  • Decorate with a Calming Color Scheme
    Spa-inspired design typically incorporates calming color schemes for everything from the paint on the walls to the color of the linens. Calming, neutral colors like white, gray, beige, soft browns, and soft pinks are ideal options.

  • Upgrade Your Shower
    Your shower is one of the centerpieces of a spa-inspired bathroom, so why not turn every shower into a luxurious experience? A steam shower is the perfect choice for creating that spa feeling at home while adding a high-end rainfall shower head is an easy way to quickly transform your shower.

  • Add a Free Standing Soaking Tub
    A relaxing soak with bath salts and soothing scents all around you is one of the cornerstone experiences of visiting the spa. Adding a free-standing soaking tub to your bathroom will help you match the décor of your favorite spa while providing the perfect place to relax after a busy day.

  • Create Comforting Lighting with Dimmer Switches
    Getting the lighting just right is an important and underrated part of creating a spa-inspired experience at home. Using layered lighting, where different fixtures offer different levels of brightness, is one way to accomplish that goal. Integrating dimmer switches into your lighting provides more customization, allowing you to tailor your lighting to fit your mood at any time.

  • Choose Spa-Like Accessories and Fixtures
    The little details can make a big difference as well. A teak bath mat is a functional, stylish solution that makes your bathroom feel more like a spa, while a wooden tray for your tub provides the perfect place to keep your drink, book, or toiletries while you relax. Remember that the fixtures in your bathroom can also add to the atmosphere, so it's well worth choosing spa-inspired fixtures to upgrade your experience.

  • Soothing Scents for Relaxation
    Choosing the right scents is another key to relaxation, and soothing, natural scents are a big help when bringing the spa experience into your own home. Candles, diffusers, lotions, soaps, and scented oils are just a few of the options for adding soothing scents to your bathroom.

  • Comfortable Seating to Relax and Unwind
    The spa experience doesn't end when you finish with your time in the shower or free-standing soaking tub. Adding some comfortable seating makes it easy to continue your relaxation for as long as you'd like.

  • Soft Towels and Carpets for a Finishing Touch
    Soft, plush towels, robes, and throw rugs can all help add the finishing touch to a spa-inspired experience. Don't forget about your calming color scheme when choosing soft, inviting linens for your bathroom.

Are you shopping for Naples homes for sale and searching for a home that makes it easy to integrate spa-inspired details? Let our team help you find the perfect match. Contact us to buy and sell homes throughout the Naples, FL, area.

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