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Florida Home Maintenance

Hurricane season in 2022 extends from June 1 through November 30. By taking precautions in advance, you can protect your property and ensure that you won't have to scramble to make preparations when a storm is expected to arrive. Whether you've just finished shopping for Naples homes for sale or you're a long-time resident, small investments in preparing your home can also save a lot of money in the long run. Our real estate agents have assembled some tips from experts to help you prepare your home for hurricane season this year.

  • Check Your Roof and Make Repairs
    Roof damage is one of the biggest risks during hurricane season, and a roof that already has routine damage can be at higher risk of a major failure during hurricane winds. So while the weather is nice and sunny, have a roofing pro visit to check the condition of your roof. If there are any missing shingles, have it repaired now to mitigate the risk of further damage during a storm. You can also invest in roof straps or clips for an extra layer of hurricane protection.

  • Consider Storm Shutters or Hurricane Glass for Windows
    Windows are another key high-risk area for damage during a storm, but fortunately, there's plenty that you can do to protect them in advance. Adding functional, protective storm shutters that can be closed during a hurricane is one way to protect your windows. Choosing the right type of windows with impact-resistant hurricane glass also goes a long way toward making sure your home is protected.

  • Make Sure Trees Are Trimmed and Healthy
    While hurricane winds can cause damage on their own, the possibility of flying debris adds an increased level of risk, and the trees around your home can be a significant source of debris. In order to decrease that risk, have a landscaping expert check that your trees are healthy and keep them trimmed to a safe length throughout the hurricane season.

  • Have a Place to Store Outdoor Furnishings
    Outdoor furnishings and decorations are another prime source of flying debris during a hurricane. In order to protect both those items and your home, make sure that you have a safe place to store them in the event that a hurricane is being forecast, then be proactive about storing outdoor items if a storm is coming.

  • Check Your Gutters 
    The wind isn't the only risk factor during a hurricane. The heavy rains from a storm can also cause damage to your home. Your gutters are one of your home's first lines of defense during heavy rains, so take the time to make sure that they're cleaned and in good shape throughout hurricane season.

  • Consider Investing in a Backup Generator
    Electrical outages are very common during hurricanes, and it can take some time to restore electricity after the storm has passed. Installing a backup generator for your home does require a financial investment, but many homeowners find the peace of mind more than worth the price. With a generator installed, you can keep the most important systems in your home running even when the power grid is down.

  • Waterproof Your Crawlspace and Install a Sump Pump
    Flooding is another common risk during the heavy rains of a hurricane, and as the lowest point of the home, your crawlspace is the area most susceptible to flooding. A foundation contractor can evaluate your crawlspace for damage, repair cracks to create a better seal, and install other preventative measures to reduce flood risk. Since there's no way to completely eliminate the risk of flooding, it's also wise to have a sump pump installed in order to quickly deal with any water that does make it through your flood prevention measures.

Still searching for the perfect Florida home? Our team can help you shop for Marco Island homes for sale and find real estate in communities throughout Southwest Florida. Contact us to buy and sell homes in Paradise Coast communities.

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